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Q: Do I need hearing aids right now?

A: If you have hearing loss, you should get hearing aids as soon as possible. The sooner you confront your hearing loss, the easier it will be for you to transition into hearing aids. Studies have also shown that early adoption can help prevent your hearing loss from getting worse.

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Q. Do I need one or two hearing aids?

A: We will fit you with the right devices for your hearing loss. Depending on your hearing evaluation, you may need one hearing aid or you may need two. You may experience balance issues if hearing loss is present in both ears but only treated in one.

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Q: How much will a hearing aid cost?

A: The price of a hearing aid can change depending on the type of hearing loss, the technology featured, the style of hearing aid, and other factors. At AHS, we can help you find the perfect hearing aid that will treat your hearing loss and fit into your budget.


Realistic Expectations When Wearing Hearing Aids

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Your hearing should improve in quiet environments.


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Tips for Getting Used to Hearing Aids

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